coding day

Programming 1 hour a day is a slow process. It gets things done, but it takes a while. But, today, I am taking a day off from the real job, so I have some extra time to spend on my App. I figure I can set aside at least 4 hours today. That is almost like a whole week for me (you know, at 1 hr/day).

The App is coming along pretty nicely. I will post info here once I submit my App to Apple, but I don’t want to spoil the anticipation. 🙂

My goal has been to finish up by August 1. Then I will join the Apple iPhone Developer program. I will be able to test the App on real hardware at that point, so, it will be interesting to see if my App works with no issues on a iPhone or iPod. I have been using the simulator for all my developing and that has gone pretty good.

If that testing goes OK, then I will submit my App – hopefully by August 9. Then I just have to wait.

Oh, and the marketing plan? Not exactly sure yet, but I will be sure to get the word out through different channels. It would be nice to make a little money off the App. It looks like the iPhone 4 will cost me $200 and then about $30/month to add it to my plan, so I figure I need to sell about 30 Apps a month to break even in 2 years. Oh, yeah, plus the $99/year for the developer program, so maybe a few more than 30/month.

I do have some other plans for other Apps, so maybe the next ones will be a little easier to program.

Anyhow, it is time to get back to coding….

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