Have you ever noticed that there are lots of distractions? I am waiting for my first App – Teen Driving Log – to be approved and I have some other ideas for my next App. The problem is that when I start to lay out the App, I have to go online and search for information on how to do certain things. When I do this, I usually get distracted by the wealth of useful information.

My next App will be a little more graphic (ok, not graphic as in violent or anything, but as in pretty pictures). So, I started looking around a little bit for some ideas on what type of graphics would fit in with my view of my App. I ended up on Fully Illustrated by way of Fieldrunners. Yes, I like the graphic design on Fieldrunners and wow, all the good stuff at Fully Illustrated. I would like to have them create the graphics for my next App, but, for now I am planning a free App and that means no budget for fancy graphics (maybe in a future deluxe paid version). We will see.

But for now, I will have to rely on my own graphic skills, so it probably won’t be as fancy as I would like (but, I am sure it will be good enough).

So, anyhow, I wasted the rest of the evening looking at different web sites and games to get some more ideas on what I can do with my App. Maybe tomorrow evening, I can get to work on it.

Oh, yeah, and I am still waiting for Teen Driving Log to be approved.

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