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I have been looking into Apple’s Game Center. I am currently adding a little game to the Jeep Wave App. Look for an update shortly after the beginning of the new year. I figure it will take me another week or so to get it all set up and then a week or so for Apple to approve it.

I was looking for a way to display achievements to users as they play. I was not sure how I would do it and I came across a blog with an article that showed a good method of showing Game Center Achievements (along with source code). It is nice that people make source code available for others to use. Once I get a get a little more proficient with programming, I hope that I can return the favor and post some hints/tips and source code for some tasks that might be of use to people. I thought about using the default look that they have there, but ended up modifying it to fit in with Jeep Wave a little better.

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