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Teen Driving Log update submitted

NerdsGeeksGurus – The Teen Driving Log update has been submitted to Apple for approval and should be available in about a week. The app has undergone a major transformation due to partnering with another company. It’s our first collaboration app, … Continue reading

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Jeep Wave 1.1.0 iPhone app is now available: Go play!

If you thought being a jeep wrangler owner was fun before, it’s even more fun now if you have Jeep Wave 1.1.0 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The new version of the app was just released and it … Continue reading

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Jeep Wave App v1.1.0 submitted to Apple

I submitted the much anticipated update to Jeep Wave to Apple tonight. It should be available within a week. This update includes our fun new social game. Go to the Jeep Wave page to see details.

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Orchid Notebook is Available with an Add a Photo Feature

The latest version of Orchid Notebook is available to download at Apple’s iTunes store. The new version allows users to add photos of their orchids. Download your copy or update an existing version at the App Store.

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