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Hey all,

I recently had someone ask for a way to post images of your orchid collection to share with other users. While we currently don’t have plans to implement that within the Orchid Notebook iPhone App, there is a way that it could be done.

It originally came up in on the OrchidBoard Forum in the thread about the Orchid Notebook iPhone App here. The OrchidBoard Forums are a great place to get information about growing orchids and for meeting other people that are interested in growing orchids.

I replied to the post with some ideas  about sharing orchid photos on Instagram. Then I posted a new orchid thread on the OrchidBoard forum with information on how it can be done.

In order to share your pictures, you need to download the Instagram iPhone App (check the App Store).

Then you set up an account.

Then share your photos.

It is pretty easy.

You can tell people your user name and they can follow you. Then, your followers (and any other user) can “like” your photo and make it popular. 

When you post a picture, you can add a tag using the ‘#’ notation. So, for example, when I post a picture, I put something like “This #Encyclia #tampansis #orchid #flower is in my #OrchidNotebook.”

What that will do is allow people to find your posting by keyword search. Each tag you want to use needs a # in front of it.

So, I started a user called OrchidNotebook. I post pictures of my orchids up there. I am trying to post a picture a day. I tend to use the filters in Instagram, but I also will post some of mine with no filter (since the colors are more accurate).

It is a great place to share your photos and see photos of others.

I have set up a page that you can go to to see the latest photos that have the #OrchidNotebook tag on them at OrchidNotebook. This is just test site for now – I will be adding more features to it later. I might eventually have to move it off the front page.

There are also other sites that you can view your (and other’s) photos. I like Inkstagram.

Anyhow, I hope more people join. Whether or not you use the #OrchidNotebook tag, I would still like to see more orchid pictures up there. I know you all have some great photos and some great orchids.

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