Optimizing Web Pages for User Experience and SEO

The Well Dressed Web Page

Optimizing web pages for user experience and SEO.

Far too many websites are designed without thinking about the site visitor or the flow of content on a website. Designing web pages by focusing on user experience and search engine optimization (SEO) produces a mindful website that is more likely to meet visitor’s needs.

On November 16, 2013 at WordCamp Orlando, I gave a presentation entitled “The Well Dressed Web Page”. The presentation covered the key elements of webpage design including content, images, and metadata and provided examples on how to make web pages more user friendly with the help of WordPress plug-ins and a handful of free tools.

Some of the highlights from the presentation include:

  • Content best practices
  • Types of images
  • On page metadata (title tags, meta descriptions, alt image text, meta keywords, heading tags)
  • Structured metadata (rich snippets, data highlighter, Facebook open graph, twitter cards)
  • Keyword placement best practices
  • How to monitor results for your website
  • Examples of the perfectly optimized pages (general pages, landing pages)
  • Where to find free resources (plug-ins, tools, cheat sheets)

Discover how you can improve your current website or mindfully design your next website project.

Download the presentation!

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