iPhone App Developer

At NerdsGeeksGurus, we focus on creating  iPhone Apps.  The apps we design and develop are customer friendly, engaging, efficient, intuitive, and easy to use. NerdsGeeksGurus represents our professional and business line of apps. In addition to creating our own apps, we also offer private and co-branded app development services.

Located in Central Florida (Mount Dora), the company began as a family hobby as a way for two parents and their teenage sons to spend time together. From the beginning, we realized and embraced the fact that “Quality Time = Quality Apps”. It’s the quality time that we spend with our clients that results in a superior product.

To discover more about our company and our products, visit our blog and application pages.

Whether you’re in need of an app developer or are looking for information about our existing apps, the quickest way to reach us directly is through our support page.


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