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Internet marketing enthusiast with a strong passion for search engine optimization. Also enjoys web development, app development, robotics, geocaching, and sailing. Personal mantra: Live life to its fullest and realize that the secret to happiness has a lot to do with family and friends.

Optimizing Web Pages for User Experience and SEO

The Well Dressed Web Page Optimizing web pages for user experience and SEO. Far too many websites are designed without thinking about the site visitor or the flow of content on a website. Designing web pages by focusing on user … Continue reading

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Local SEO Presentation for WordPress Orlando Roundtable Meetup Group

It’s officially past midnight, so today is the day I will be giving a presentation on Local SEO for the WordPress Orlando Roundtable Meetup group. I’m still putting the finishing touches on the presentation, but it’s not like I would … Continue reading

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Orchid App Update Announced by NerdsGeeksGurus, LLC

Orchid Notebook 1.5.0 enhances the database portion of iPhone app with grex field to track orchids and allows collections to be viewed by genus. The Orchid notebook provides how to grow info, orchid database, and wish list tracker. Continue reading

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Inside Scoop on iPhone App Development

Being an iPhone app development company, it’s not surprising that we at NerdsGeeksGurus, LLC frequently receive comments and inquiries from people that would like to have an app developed. What is surprising is the amount of sensitive information people are … Continue reading

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