Information for each App is on its own page.

Come Sailing – An app for sailboat owners and bareboat charterers.

Teen Driving Log – Track the hours and skills required to get your driver’s license.

Jeep Wave – A simplified version of the inside “official” Jeep Wave code.

Operative Notebook – A learning aid designed to facilitate recall of operative pathology encountered while studying, on rounds, and in the OR.

Orchid Notebook – Track your orchid collection and wish list via an easy to use database.

Spied – SPIED is a social photo information extraction device. It lets the user view photo metadata and geotagging to see where a photo was taken. This app is geared toward photographers and people looking for information about their pictures or photos they find online, SPIED reveals the exif information provided via a given image or photo.

Talk To Me 100® – A powerful engaging tool for children who are learning to talk or who have difficulty mastering verbal expression. Designed by NerdsGeeksGurus, LLC for Sydspeak, Inc.

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