Jeep Wave

Got a Jeep? Get the App.

Jeep Wave is an App that is dedicated to all you Jeep drivers out there. There is an “official” Jeep Wave code that all Jeep owners are supposed to follow. This App takes that and simplifies it down to a smaller more manageable subset of the rules. This allows you, or your passenger, to quickly consult so that you know if you are supposed to wave first or if the other driver is supposed to wave first.

Being a part of this inside club lends a warm, fuzzy kind of feeling that you can’t help but want to embrace. Our goal is to spread the Jeep Wave word so all Jeep owners can feel the love. If you have a Jeep, know someone that has a Jeep, are curious about why Jeep people wave at each other, or are a Jeep owner want-to-be, you need the Jeep Wave app.

Jeep Wave includes a fun Game Center game that you can play with your friends. Sign in to Game Center and start counting your waves. You can record the jeeps you have seen, the ones you wave at, and the ones that wave back. The more you wave the higher your score. Keep waving and have fun.

Did I say that it is Free? Yes. It is Free. Download it, have fun and start waving today.

Here are some screenshots.

If you need help with Jeep Wave, please contact Jeep Wave Support.


  • Q. Why did you make his App?
  • A. Why not? We thought it would be fun. We also wanted to spread the word about the Jeep Wave. If you have a Jeep, be sure to wave.
  • Q. Is this App designed to be used while driving?
  • A. No. We do not recommend using any app while driving. We recommend that you allow your passenger to use the Jeep Wave App and they can tell you when to wave.

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