SPIED – Social Photo Information Extraction Device

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Ever wanted to know when or where a picture was taken? SPIED allows you to view exif data from photos and images including location, date, time, image size, exposure and shutter speed info, make and model of camera.

SPIED is a social photo information extraction device. It’s spy equipment that lets you view photo metadata and provides geotagging so you can easily see where a photo was taken. Whether you are into photography or simply looking for information about your pictures or photos you find online, SPIED will reveal the exif information.

Discover where your friend’s photo is from or figure out where you took that great shot. For off-road enthusiasts, end the frustration of figuring out where the mud hole you read about on a blog post is located. For sportsmen you can use SPIED to discover where the fishing holes are by uploading the “catch of the day” photo to your photo album to hook the GPS coordinates.

Can’t remember the exact date of a family vacation? SPIED can help with that. Trying to remember a friend’s birthday or anniversary? Simply locate a photo of the event, add it to your photo album and SPIED will reveal the date.



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App Features:

Location: Includes, GPS information, Longitude, Latitude, and geotag map image

Date/Time: Multiple date/time data depending on Exif included on image (GPS, Original, Digitized)

Image Size: Pixel X Dimension and Pixel Y Dimension


Camera Settings: Aperture, Exposure, f number, and focal length

Select photos from photo album

Note: Some image editing programs, social networks, and photo upload services remove Exif data from pictures and images. An original version of the photo file is the optimum way to view the Exif information.


For more information, visit SPIEDapp.com.

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