At NerdsGeeksGurus, we frequently use WordPress and Magento to create websites due to their ease of use when it comes to updating the content on your website. WordPress is a standard Blog/CMS system while Magento is a standard eCommerce software package.

To help you learn more about using WordPress or Magento, below are some recommended links to get you started with your independent training efforts.

Here are some sites that will help you with using WordPress:
WordPress Codex
WordPress TV
YouTube (search for WordPress)
Google (search for WordPress tutorials)

Here are some sites that will help you with using Magento:
Magento User’s Guide
Magento Managing Orders
How To customize email responses
YouTube (search for magento)
Google (search for magento tutorials)

The Well Dressed Web Page – Optimization for User Experience and SEO
SEO – Website Architecture – Structure and Design Flow for Conversions

If you prefer private training for you or your staff or if you would rather have us update your site for you, let us know.

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